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Celebration Day -  19.11.2012 in Warsaw, Poland.
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Alice Cooper Group, NYC, 1973, photo by Bob Gruen
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Fire Escape, 1925, photo by Aleksander Rodchenko
photo by Fredrik Etoall
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Mosselprom Building, 1926, photo by Alexander Rodchenko
Pine trees, Pushkino, 1927, photo by Alexander Rodchenko
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Van Halen on Tour Bus, 1978, photo by Fin Costello
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Eddie Van Halen, 1979, photo by Patric Harborn
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Iggy Pop, New York City, January 1993, photo by Catherine McGann
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photo by Joel Brodsky
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The Beatles, photo by Curt Gunther
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photo by Curt Gunther
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Alice Cooper, NYC, 1973, photo by Bob Gruen
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Alice Cooper, NYC, 1973, photo by Bob Gruen
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Keith Richards, 1989, photo by Paul Natkin
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